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EZ-HITCH Customers and Wholesale Dealers  
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  • "A Must needed device!"
    I think that this product should be sold and/or recommended with every trailer sold in The United States! I have had to hook up to trailers (mostly utility or livestock) off and on, for some 20 years. This product eliminates, or nearly eliminates, getting out and checking alignment, and hit-and-miss (mostly miss for me),in hook ups. I build trailers for a living and can truly see the usefulness of the product. D.Mccugh Texas Trailers, Odessa Texas
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  • North Shore Bass Anglers Club-Chicago
    We got the EZ Hitchs' for our Club Raffle. They were well received. The guys that bought them were not the old timers that I thought would. Half of them were scooped up by the YUTE'S in the club. Our hot guns that fish the money circut love the product. Well done! R.Zapfe President, North Shore Bass Anglers
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  • "I am very Pleased."
    I can state to you that I am very pleased with the EZ-HITCH product that I purchased.In fact, I did buy two of the Hitches as you know and have used them often. What a pleasure it is to back up, hear the contact, and ease into a PERFECT HITCH SET. I am sure this product will do very well as the word gets out from users as myself. I first saw EZ-HITCH on a Bill Dance fishing program, looked the product up on the internet and purchased. Graham H. Duffey Jr. Maryland
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  • "Gets me on the Water Lots Faster."
    I frequently fish and the ez-hitch has been great. Saves my license plate, and gets me on the water lots faster. Jim Bland, Virginia
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  • "Thank You! Thank you!!!!"
    Thank you,thank you, thankyou!!!!We gave Gene/ Daddy/Reverend (besides being an avid bass fisherman, he is a wonderful husband, daddy, granddaddy and a Baptist minister, etc.) a surprise birthday party Saturday, the 27th. His E-Z Hitch was the hit of the party!! Again, thank you so much!! DiAnne Griffin, Alabama
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  • Conway RV, Boat and Marine!
    Right Product at the Right Time! Our employees have reduce our hitching accidents. My customers don't like to see scratched or dented trailer tongues. Originally ordered for employees now customers want them to. R Conway,Tennessee
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  • "Great Product!"
    Thanks Ezhitch, I go fishing almost every saturday morning with my buddy Paul across town. Getting up at 4 AM and still a little woozy. Ezhitch makes it a breeze to hookup. Again Thanks you for a well built, sturdy and needed device. John Gonzalez,Florida
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  • "I guarantee you this device is fantastic."
    I purchased a EZ hitch about two months ago, we have two trailers one with an 18 ft. ProCraft and one flatbed trailer with a hijacker lift on it. I guarantee you this device is fantastic. There been many times prior, that our hookup was a 2-3 man operation, however now is one-man operation and is smooth and no more hitch damage, tag damage or worrying about who was going to help. L. Markley, Hi-Tech-Alarm.Com.
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  • " You can Order with Confidence."
    You can order with confidence. It's a quality product. I had an issue with a particular "oversized ballmount" and these people went above and beyond my expectations to make the EZ-hitch work for me. It would have been easier for them to refund my money but instead they jumped all over it and their engineer fould the answer for me in record time. WOW! Best customer service I've had in years. Dirk W. Charlotte, North Carolina
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  • EZQuipCorp.LLC would like thank our Customers.
    If your help spreading the word about EZ-Hitch saves one person from a backstrain we can know that we have done well. Thank You Sincerely, EZQUIPCORP L.L.C.
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