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EZ-Hitch EZ-Hitch EZ-Hitch EZ-Hitch EZ-Hitch
  • What is the Warranty?
    A full 100% money back 90 day satisfaction guarantee and a (1) Year Limited Warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturer's faults or defects. 100% money back refers to the purchase price at the point of sale from this Website only. We do not reinburse shipping and handling charges. We do not warranty abuse or accidental breakage due to backing to fast, vechicular accidents,customer modifications or incidental contact with structures. We do not reinburse when units are returned damaged.

  • I would like to puchase one. Can I?
    Yes, you certainly can. EZ-HITCH is such a new product that anyone may purchase and tell your friends where you got it. You can order direct using VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER or AMERICAN EXPRESS. Begin your order on the Products Page.

  • What is the width or how much sweet spot does the Wedge have?
    The Pinned Wedge has a 14" sweet spot. Just back your vehicle until you feel contact with your hitch. Now, just ease back until your hitch is centered. REMEMBER, "THE WEDGE GUIDE IS SLIPPED EASILY OUT OF THE WEDGE HOLDER AND STORED AFTER YOU HAVE CENTERED YOUR TRAILER. THE WEDGE HOLDER REMAINS MOUNTED TO YOUR BUMPER OR DROP HITCH." Never leave the wedge guide mounted while towing!

  • What is the maximum size hitch ball screw or bolt the holder will accomodate?
    The maximum is 1 1/8" shank size fitting up to a 2 5/16" hitchball. Special Note: We do not recommend nor endorse any modification of the current design!

  • What prices or what is the range EZ-Hitch's are selling for?
    Great Question! We have some selling for as much as $149.95 and others selling as low as $89.95. Our MSRP is $149.95

  • Do I need any special installation tools?
    No. An adjustible wrench is all that is needed to secure the Wedge Holder Plate between the Hitch, Hitchball and Nut.

  • What kind of material is the EZ-Hitch Trailer Guide Made of?
    The Removable Wedge Guide is made of 3/8 inch Carbon Steel and the Permanent Mounted Wedge Holder Plate is 1/4 inch Cast Steel. Made to last a lifetime with reasonable care.

  • We would like to order bulk shipments. Do we get a price break?
    Yes, Any quantity may be ordered at the prices on the dealer info page.

  • Are you accepting distributorships outside the USA?
    No. Not at this time!

  • I'm from Canada can I order ?
    Yes. But payable in US Dollars. Canadian customers will be reponsible for all duties and taxes.

EZ-HITCH the Easy-Hitch trailer Hitch Guide
EZ-HITCHTM the US Patented Easy-Hitch trailer
hitch guide system!
Copyright2002-2018 EZQuip Corp L.L.C.
EZ-HITCH & EZ-WORKHORSE are Patent Trademarks
All Rights Reserved

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