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EZ-HITCH EZ Installation EZHitch 
EZ-HITCHTM the US Patented Easy-Hitch trailer
hitch guide system!-hitch ez-hitch ez-hitch ez-hitch ez-hitch

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A) Remove your Hitchball  B) Place the EZ-Hitch Holder Plate in position(as above) C) Place the Hitchball screw through the Holder Plate and the Receiver D) Tighten the Hitchball Nut  "THATS IT!" 

Special Note: When you install the holder mount for the first time....leave hitch ball ...a little the wedge in and move holder forward or back for your pecfect aligned adjustment for your trailer coupler style.....then tighten down hitch ball to hold the holder firmly in place.

Now when your ready to center your trailer tongue, just place the Wedge Guide Plate in the Holder and slowly back-up to a "Perfect Hitch Set" Everytime!

Remember, the Wedge Guide Plate is easily removed after hook-up, Only the Wedge Holder remains. Never Tow with Wedge Guide Installed, but the Wedge holder can remain permanent or can be removed and place on other vehicles.

RE:Heavy Duty Trailers

 Using a slick surface such as Stainless Steel underneath your skid plate(if you don't have a wheel) may allow your trailer jack to move with ease for perfect centering.

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Alternate Wedge Holder Installation Instructions.

       The Wedge Holder can be installed with the the holes pointed up or down on drop hitches.  The wedge holder pointed in the down position eliminates any possibility of the holder being damaged in a Jack-Knifing situation. The holder was designed with this in mind, thus being a universal trouble-free design as the wedge guide can be inserted on both type placements.

     See our EZ-HitchTM System on DIY Network "Cool Tools, In the Garage Segment!

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